Master Key Week 4

I give up

Click the above to hear the music I listened to while I wrote this post.

I have this little rose plant in my bathroom and every few months it loses all of it’s leaves.  The first time it happened I thought I had killed it, but I watered it faithfully until one day I noticed a new bud. Then another and another.  Until a few weeks later it was beautiful again.  In fact it was bigger and better than before.

I have read more than one comment or blog about quitting because people don’t like the format, or the tone of the guides, or the requirements.  Do I like them?  NO, I do not.  However, I know that my petals have fallen and I know it is a good thing.  I am trusting the process and moving forward.

Yesterday I went into my bathroom and my little rose plant had lost all of it’s leaves again.  Overnight.  I took a moment and stared at it.  It was bare.  It was naked.  It was raw.  It was vulnerable.  It is how I feel.  But I know if I keep watering I will bloom again, and I will be bigger and better than ever.20141022_131631


13 thoughts on “Master Key Week 4

  1. Hi Drichelle, I so understand where you are coming from and how hard it is to keep up and on top of everything. I struggle everyday too, and I finally got myself on a roll with doing everything and then I started to feel sick Friday night and haven’t been able to get back into my roll since, and it’s now Sunday evening in Australia. I’m with you and support you and we can do this! xxoo

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    • I understand. I haven’t made all of the readings (not even close). It feels like a battle of wills – against myself. I keep moving forward….slow progress is progress nonetheless.
      Best wishes to you.


      • This is sooooo true, you are not alone in this. it is definitely a battle against our wills and if things have been an upward battle for many many years then starting something new that is so alien to us, and trying our hardest to keep up with everything, can be really overwhelming. I’m trying so hard to keep up and then every week there’s something extra we have to do. Are you a white by any chance?


  2. Perhaps your rose plant is channeling you as you change and grow…I listened to the music while I read your blog…that was really nice! a more immersed experience…really brings feeling into the reading…What a great idea!…I wish you success and harmony going forward Drichelle.


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