Master Key Week 3


That is how I feel this week.  I feel like the more I make myself do the exercises the more I resist it.  I suspect it is part of change, but it is rather uncomfortable to say the least.  It feels like withdrawal symptoms.  Confession time:  It is already Thursday and I haven’t done my chore and I skipped two days of exercises AND I haven’t done my DMP revision for the week.  As an excuse I was sick and my 2 boys were sick, but I know that is just an excuse.

I will push through this feeling and hope it eases as I go.

Do it now, Drichelle.

I am curious – are others feeling this as well?


10 thoughts on “Master Key Week 3

  1. What I’m feeling is not so much resistance, but a sense that I must be making some real changes because the outside world is responding in a very strange way. I think your resistance is a good sign that things are getting stirred up – definitely not time to quit! Best wishes to you!

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  2. Drischelle: Hi! I wanted to check in with you and see if you are in the same place or moving through it? I know that more or less losing a week myself that is can be discouraging. I am moving forward again and my next DMP will reveal more progress. .
    I believe we can help each other and encourage each other and I hope to do that with you. You have been helpful to me in the past, so know that when you are on you are really on.

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  3. YES! Subby (at least the ‘Ole Blue runnign around in there) has been VERY persuasive throwing physical, mental, and emotional baggage at me these last weeks – anything to keep us from CHANGE! It’s amusing to envision Subby grasping at straws to come up with something… There will be nothing less than 100% from here on out!! Let’s get this!!

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  4. As I was watching the images on the screen and listening “I Give Up” from Eliah Bossebroek, it was so beautiful that I am definitely sure that you”ll never give up. Keep going to “Give More, To Get More” ! Thank you Drischelle !

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