Master Key Week 2

It’s a beautiful day!

It’s funny because after reading several different blogs I realized a lot of people seem to be having emotional/family/spiritual/etc. issues.  Yesterday my car broke down, I got two flat tires (separate from my car breaking down), and my washing machine broke.  Normally I would have that old attitude of Well shit, look at all this bad stuff that is happening to me.  However, I chose to have a different attitude and it has made such a huge difference.  I said to myself What can I learn from all this?  How can I react differently?  I realize the things I listed were minor, but that is how I USED to think.

I was so thankful I made some extra time to learn how to navigate the MKMMS site.  There is so much helpful information there.  I just needed to take the time to do it!

I am enjoying the reading, cards, blue rectangles etc.  I seem to be chanting to myself  do it now! or retrain your brain! anytime I try to put something off.

The only thing I haven’t gotten in every day is that mid-day reading.  I’ll create that habit.  I will start setting an alarm, which should help.

I am looking forward to Sunday!


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